Colored Fry, Plus This-N-That

Here are some random Hoose Two doodles, with a splash of Futurama color.

Bite my poorly drawn, random doodles, butt.

Bite my poorly drawn, random doodles, butt.

It sorta looks like that three eyed alien dude, with the tiny hat, is about to pinch that ladies boob… but that wasn’t the plan. I drew them at different times & didn’t notice the problem til later. But the guy with the bushy goatee seems concerned about my poor placement and if anything hinky happens, he looks like he can handle the situation.

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2 Responses to Colored Fry, Plus This-N-That

  1. Very nice. Is that Leela’s cousin on the top left?

  2. Matt says:

    It is, and she’s not impressed.

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