Last Weeks Left Behinds

Last weeks random draws.

Last weeks random draws.

These are some of the left behind doodles meant for last weeks post.  There’s a Greaser, an Evil Cat that loves him, the heart warming story of a cookie addict that turned his life around. Plus an Ooh La La face and an unintentional caricature of Anton Chigurh as a Muppet

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2 Responses to Last Weeks Left Behinds

  1. Robert says:

    Love it. Now I’m seeing the cover of Cookie Monster’s memoir with cookie crumbs everywhere. Also if I could presume to give you an assignment (always optional of course) I would love to see a poster for No Country for Old Muppets

  2. Matt says:

    That would be fun. Only problem is that my best caricatures come from trying to draw something else entirely. It’s only after failing to draw the one thing, that I notice it looks like something else. I’ll have to draw a Princess Bride Muppet poster to get an accidental No Country for Old Muppets poster. Or try drawing a hotdog to get a spot on Tommy Lee Jones.

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