ABC vs.

Ants attack! My sandwich- Waaaaah! Ant Man for the win

Ants attack!
My sandwich- Waaaaah!
Ant Man for the win

Today brings us a new series. The ABC vs. of the Marvel Universe. Starting out with Ant Man vs. The Blob. I think it would be cool to have a The attached to my name, but I am doing my best to avoid any other resemblance to The Blob.

These were done on two blank index cards using traditional media. I want to get practiced up and get some portfolio pieces to send in and try to get an illustration job for artist’s cards (or if you want to buy some…). The only thing added digitally was the letters and I think I’ll try to incorporate them into the drawings next time.

Hope you enjoy. Also be looking out for who draws what because Doodlehoose Too and I may not keep to the same posting schedule. We will definitely be posting on our regular Monday (that’s me) and Friday (that’s my brother), but there will be extras posted here and there so keep coming back and enjoy.

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  1. Matt says:

    That AntMan is pretty cool.

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