Super B – The Backups

Our 36.5 Supers have been posted and are online for your enjoyment, but there are a couple of straglers – a B Team so to speak – who just didn’t get done in time to make the first cut.  A few of them will be making an appearance in the next couple of weeks.

Shouldn't he have feathers?

Shouldn’t he have feathers?

Baby D is the product of human/dino species splicing… accidental human/dino species splicing… turns out it’s really easy to mix the two.  You’d think it would be difficult, but nope.

Once you get a hold of some dino DNA – that’s the only hard part – it just a matter of one mislabeled specimen cup and your day job as a fertility expert getting in the way of your dream of becoming the first person every to clone a dinosaur, and BLAMO… you’ve got an dino human hybrid, and as it turns out it’s REALLY strong!

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  1. Robert says:

    A dino in a diaper, that’s cute. I also like the space around.

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