Super 33- Not Yeti

Not Yeti


Great great great great grandson of Charles Darwin, Chuck was known for his level head and flexibility. He was voted by his classmates as, “Most Likely To Adapt” both in high school and college. As a zen master of the moment Chuck was unperturbed when his families flight to Alaska from Alabama was canceled, nor when the FDA shut down flights for two days. He was unruffled when the RV rental was snatched out from under him and his family of six hopped into a barely big enough sedan with their luggage in tow. He didn’t fret when they lost the roof pod in Ohio, nor did he worry when the car sick kids filled up the back seat with what once was cotton candy- that’s what car washes are for.

Chuck was relaxed when the Canadian Border patrol required a strip search and scolded him for the burdock that he had accidentally carried with him in his sock. It wasn’t any of those things that finally brought Chuck to the point of no return. In fact family members and witnesses believe the moment came when entering the Northwest Territories a tree fell on the hood of the car and the children managed to ask, “Are we there yet?” the six millionth time.

Chuck is often seen by loggers and very rarely by a tourist (who goes to the Northwest Territories to tour?) running through the forests of Canada screaming, “Not Yet!” His rare

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2 Responses to Super 33- Not Yeti

  1. Matt says:

    The real life texture is well used. He’s not Yet a Yeti, but he’s on his way.

    • Robert says:

      Thanks. I did the texture on him and all of the forest with my Bamboo. I really like using with it, but don’t feel confident enough to do the figures with it yet. I had fun making this guy.

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