Super 31- Sponge The Absorber


Sponge was born during a rare lunar eclipse to a Presbyterian Minister/Carnival Owner and a brilliant physicist in front of the fortune telling machine at the fair. Everyone expected him to be different, but no one expected how different. Being a world-renowned expert on dark matter (and having handled some while she was pregnant), Sponge’s mother was the first to note that her baby seemed to form a sort of black hole that absorbed all electromagnetic radiation as well as sound waves, scent- well really everything. His father gave him the name Sponge The Absorber because it’s hard for a showman not to be a little over the top.

Sponge’s family learned to communicate with him using a sort of shadow puppet sign language and it quickly became apparent that he absorbed wisdom, knowledge and memories as quickly (and permanently) as he did everything else. Sponge has learned to control his power, but when he loses concentration he does tend to suck up things that are too close.

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4 Responses to Super 31- Sponge The Absorber

  1. Best backstory thus far! 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    That guy sucks.

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