Super 28 – Splash

Right place, wrong time.

Right place, wrong time.

Gina always made sure to hydrate whenever she worked out, but she never planned on becoming a supersaturate herself.  She just happened to be in the right place at the wrong time.

Standing under a dripping air conditioner – outside a secret government testing facility – after a midday 5K, Gina was exposed to a substance called Splash 3X.

Splash 3X was meant to be the newest and greatest Energy Drink. (the government having realized that there’s no money in governing these days, but tons of money in energy drinks) Only problem was Splash 3X kept turning it’s mouse subjects into puddles.

So they discontinued the study and placed the remaining Splash 3X in a secure location… the bottom right hand side of the shelf in the janitors closet, behind the bleach where no one would look.

It sat there, very secure actually, until someone did eventually look and not knowing what it was, just set it on a window sill and forgot about it.  It evaporated and was pulled through the buildings air conditioning system, where it recondensed and dripped onto Gina.

Now Gina is Splash and she can liquify at any time.  It’s difficult to hold shape sometimes and to keep that hair orange, but it’s worth it.  In her opinion.

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2 Responses to Super 28 – Splash

  1. Robert says:

    My new favorite. Great job. Is there a hint of Geena Davis in there?

  2. Matt says:

    Maybe by accident, but the hair was meant to be more of a Shirley Temple.

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