Super 17- Jolt

Shock small

Back off unless you want some fry with that

Jolt is the first super entry that is a member of a team. She’s part of the group called Malware. Malware is a group of sentient programs that were unhappy with the way that they were being treated as slaves by users.

As former members of BIOS each of these sentient programs is imbued with intelligence and power. Jolt is not human, but she is sentient and anyone who wants to face up against her on the Turing test should be prepared to be unplugged.

Her special power is the ability to use the computer to attack the user with electrical shocks. This can also be used to shut down systems as well, but that’s really Breaker’s speciality (you’ll see him later).

Also the style is inspired by Stephen Silver- he’s the guy that designed Kim Possible and Danny Phantom and you should totally check out his site

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  1. Matt says:

    Nice hair. Did you do a partial marker color?

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