Super 14 – Crypto Freewater

Sir, let me see your hands.

Sir, let me see your hands.

Crypto Freewater was born in Portland on a hippie commune.  The son of a free spirited wood elf and a lonely big foot, he spent his childhood braiding lanyards and dreaming of making a difference.

Now he’s an officer with the LAPD, on the fast track to Detective.  He’s strong, smart, a little bit magical (the magic comes from his fathers side).  He’s also immune to fire, although no ones really sure why. (He didn’t get it from his parents)

Crypto is dedicated to public service and the betterment of mankind… even if he’s not technically a part of mankind.

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2 Responses to Super 14 – Crypto Freewater

  1. doodlehoose says:

    More human than human…

  2. Matt says:

    He appreciates that citizen, but you still need to move your car out of that loading zone.

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