Origin Stories

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Today’s post is brought to you from my classroom. I teach a class called Scientific Imaging and one of the main goals of the class is to integrate art and science. We just studied the effects of radiation on the human body and figured out how many mrems our distance from a nuclear power plant, our altitude above sea level and the number of x-rays etc. dose our bodies with. Then, of course, we made super hero drawings.

My origin story is that a tricky student substituted my regular pen with one that was filled with radioactive ink. Just as a I was attaching the F to a subpar assignment I poked myself and was transformed into a red raging maniac. Now whenever I see an assignment that is not passing I mutate and destroy!

We also talked about how super heroes and villians often come from the things we fear so we tied it back in. There’s more A-team on the way!

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3 Responses to Origin Stories

  1. Adrienne says:

    I have a feeling that all your lessons might end with superhero drawings.

  2. Matt says:

    Cool. Nice color, nice effect.

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