The Subjugation of Cats and Alien Optometrists

Keep walking alien slave.

Keep walking alien slave.

The other day, while at lunch, I saw a dog wandering around free and it reminded me of a TV special about urban raccoons.  It also made me think, “My dog is probably stupider then a raccoon.”

In the special, the urban raccoons did a fine job of navigating their territory; avoiding major highways, finding food, and staying away from people.  The dog I saw at lunch was also doing just fine; he wasn’t crossing the road while cars were coming, or attacking people, or running around like an idiot.  Two things became clear to me; that my dog, in the same situation, would not perform so well and that he’d probably get himself killed.

That got me thinking about how dogs are sometimes thought of as dumb, by some people, in comparison to cats.  So is it true, are cats really all that smart or are they just self sufficient… and it looks like smart… and is that the same thing?

Then I thought that if cats are smarter, which might be true, they are on the flip side much less useful.  A dog can do all kinds of cool things to help advance the cause of humanity, where as cats do hardly anything to help.  Cats are sorta jerks in that way.

Now I was wondering; Are self sufficient cats smart and therefore useless? OR Are they useless and therefore must use their brains to be self sufficient?

You see what I’m wondering is… If dogs are idiots that require our care and direction, did we humans make them that way?  And if we did, did we do it because we wanted them to be our slaves?  And why didn’t this happen to cats?

Is it because cats served no useful purpose to us, so we never bother to make them reliant upon us?

Along those same lines, if aliens came to Earth and found that horses were much more useful to them then humans, would they take them into their homes and make them their slaves and leave us here to just sit in the metaphorical window of our planet and lick our own metaphorical butts?

Also, how come you never see an alien wearing glasses?  I don’t know if, in all of my Sci-Fi watching, I’ve ever seen an alien with glasses.

Wouldn’t it make sense that if humans have found it useful to cover our eyes with specially shaped glass to improve our vision, that aliens would also have stumbled upon this same technology?  Or is it just that all aliens have Lasik?

Where are the alien optometrists?

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  1. I think that the Dog in this picture is the one talking.

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