A modest redesign


This rendering of Supergirl starts with the notion of a diving suit that would be able to withstand her high speed flight. Ever since the Incredibles I have a hard time adding capes. My son added the pink mark under her hand.

This week’s post was inspired by the work of artist Michael Lee Lunsford (you can check out all of his redesigns at http://ze-tarts.tumblr.com/post/45825059789)

I’m not sure how I stumbled onto his tumbler site but I found a place where he redesigned some classic female heroes with clothes that would actually cover all their superparts and not threaten to fall off. tumblr_mjyazra7ZT1r41zlxo5_1280

I grabbed a couple of his Lunsford’s pieces and tried my own modest redesigns. I mimiced his pose and style so that the differences would be obvious, and because I thought his were cool. I also threw in one of my brothers redesigns for a very practical Wonder Woman. 

Psylocke Clothed

I wanted something a little more ninja than Lunsford and I think even superheroes should have the right to bear arms.


No Wonder Woman

Wonderfully Practical Woman by Hoose 2.

 I think this Hoose 2s design is much more practical than the khakis that Michael puts on WW, but I do appreciate how Lunsford makes her look like a tank


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2 Responses to A modest redesign

  1. Matt says:

    I saw these online as well. Modest costumes are OK by me, I just don’t want practical ones. Practical is no fun.

  2. But yours is the practical one.

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