Sensei Ping

If you don’t know who Sensei Ping is, then you probably don’t know who The Middleman is and you are probably confused by at least one post a year on Doodlehoose (that’s actually pretty good considering that at least one post a year on Doodlehoose confuses me).

The Middle Man is a barely-heard-of-in-my-circles comic book mini-series written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach. Javier also wrote some of the barely heard of television show Lost about a bunch of plane crash victims on a mystical fate island. The story is about an operative called The Middle Man that recruits Wendy Watson to fight nefarious villains for mysterious bosses whom he doesn’t even know. Sensei Ping is a member of the clan of the pointed stick and the person that trained The Middle Man and will soon train Wendy in the ways of martial arts.

Anyway the comic is wacky and fun and it did get made into a very short television series that is also wacky fun.

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  1. Matt says:

    He’s in the middle, man.

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