More Robots

A Fully Functional Fission Capture Bot

This week we get another robot. I know that there is a story here, but right now only the designs are coming up clearest. I have some plot ideas, but no specifics. This guy is a modifcation of the farming robot. he’s got the same basic gathering mission except that he gathers energy.

Any kind of innacuracies in the nuclear facility that he’s sitting on have nothing to do with a lack of research and everything to do with keeping the design of those facilities secret- just doing my part.

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2 Responses to More Robots

  1. Matt says:

    I like the power gathering arm. This guy must be a bit bigger, I would think. The simplified boots/feet are also great.

    • doodlehoose says:

      He’s definitely bigger. The ideal is that the head is the same size as the other one. So the cooling tower on his shoulder isn’t as big as a real cooling tower, but those alien robots don’t produce as much waste heat.
      I don’t think all the robots look the same, but the gathering ones might.

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