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Swords into Plowshares

So Hoose Two posted a Robot with a Rider a couple of weeks ago called Something Steamy (if you haven’t seen it then look at the old posts and check it out (it’s cool)). When I talked to him about it he said it was part of a world where there were mysterious robots about. That got me to thinking about what some of those bots might be doing and go the brain percolating. I wouldn’t say my drawings are steamy yet. They still need a little more time to boil, but I suspect that there is a story coming someday.

This is JD and if you don’t know why He’s called that then you don’t farm. He was slightly damaged when the humans struck and he’s been “reassigned” to work for men. I don’t know his whole story yet and I really don’t know what’s floating over the horizon in the background, but I know that JD loves the soil.


Above is my first attempt at a character sheet. I liked it, but my wife asked if I was making a tractor transformer and I thought the design needed to be adjusted. He is not a transformer. The cap was attached for shading the rider, but just to make sure I took it off the second round.

JD 2.0

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  1. Matt says:

    That’s so cool. Now I have to do another. I love the streamlining you’ve done, the cleaner boots, the cleaner middrift, the slightly tweaked chest. His straw in the mouth is a nice touch.

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