Muster & Mortie

Muster and Mortie

Muster & Mortie

Muster Stache is an alien who used to work as a valet for UofR and Riot.

He’s is incredibly smart, unquestionably tasteful, and absolutely confident in his own abilities.

Although he looks a bit like an Earth otter, he is from another world and thus much, much better then you.

Mortie is a stowaway on UofR and Riot’s ship.   His species is quite adept at sneaking into where they shouldn’t be and like Earth rodents, almost impossible to get rid of once your infested.

Mortie is not a dog, he’s an alien, but he’s about as smart as a well trained border collie.  He’d like to think he’s much more advanced than people, or aliens, give him credit for… but he’s probably not.

Mortie and Muster have become, during their time on the ship, something of a pair, with Mortie always close at Muster’s hand.  They are an Oscar and Felix sort of Odd Couple, that is if Oscar was a dog. (Correction alien)

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