Buff and tan

What's your handicap?

Best in club three years and counting

This Monday’s doodle is Agent Buff. He’s a master of disguise and the team’s key to many a closed door. He’s big, strong and smart, but he also has a little bit of a narcissist and not someone you would want to hang out with. You would want to know him when you go for a job interview.

This week’s goal was to not use any gradients to make things a little cleaner. Here’s a pic of Buff plying his trade.

Move over Oscar Meyer

Here comes the big dog

Buff came into mind pretty clear and I think I have an ideal of who he is by the second drawing. We’ll see if I can be consistent.

My second drawing of Buff

My third drawing and he's under cover

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2 Responses to Buff and tan

  1. Meg says:

    remember, pink is a color of power and intimidation in the far East!

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