A little diversion with 18 and 2 half spots

Consider the lady bug

Consider the lady bug she doesn't strive or build and yet what king can fly as she does

Fear not. There are more agents and aliens coming, but this Monday brings a diversion.

I went on a short retreat yesterday to the beautiful fields of Canandaigua.

The first thing on the agenda was a gift of 40 minutes. Go away from everyone else, find a place where you can appreciate nature, and appreciate it.

We were given a section fo the bible to focus on where Jesus recruits the first apostles, but we were given the option to ignore it and nap or lollygag then come back in 40.

As I sat I felt something land on me. Having focused on scripture and trying hard to be open to inspiritation I watched it. The Lord brought to mind the scripture that says to consider the lilies of the valley, they neither spin or weave and yet are dressed better than any king. I am intentionally paraphrasing because I didn’t stop¬† to look up the verse I just remembered it as best as I could, and watched this little creature.

I watched this insect take a bath on my hand and fold and unfold it’s right wing (I guess the left one was on break). It’s wing was probably twice the length of it’s body and yet it folded it up into it’s wing casing without difficulty. I counted the spots. Eighteen and two halves that formed a nineteenth spot when the wing casing was closed. I watched it’s head turn and it’s legs stroke all the parts of it’s body it could reach (maybe trying to get my smell off, or maybe using mine as cologne).

This little insect wasn’t at all self-conscious that I was watching it’s bath, or worried about what I thought of it. It was amazing. It flew off and landed on me again and I resisted the temptation to draw it while it was there. I just looked.

In the verses that we read Jesus called the first apostles and they left everything they had to follow him. This insect had only what God gave it and that was sufficient. To avoid anthropomorphising I will say that I don’t think the insect felt or planned anything (I don’t know) but it helped me get perspective on what I need.

The moment was more profound to me than I seem to be able to express, and I encourage you to take/borrow/steal 40 minutes some time this week to just look and be open to inspiration.

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  1. Meg says:

    awesome. very inspired.

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