Don’t drive angry

Groundhogs Day

Don't Drive Angry

Groundhog’s day is one of my favorite movies. I think that it’s perhaps Bill Murray’s greatest, although he is pretty brilliant in Zombieland. In the extras on the DVD the creators said that one of the points of the film was to explore if a person can really change who they are. One of the creators even said that he believed that Murray’s character was caught in the loop for a thousand years because that is how long it takes to change our real character and nature.

As a Christian I think that we can change a bit more rapidly than that, but even still I find that it’s hard to break out of old patterns. I think people can change if they want to and that they change sometimes without even noticing.

The drawing took me a long time and many tries to get it and I am still not pleased. I played around with the color in an attempt to make it look good, but I still consider it a weak piece. It barely looks like Murray. Before I started Doodle Hoose I probably wouldn’t have posted it, but I’m trying to get past the image that everything has to be just right to move forward. So here it is in all it’s glory. I am also including two of the preliminary drawings (there were more, but I am not showing them (progress doesn’t mean total transformation)). I like the groundhog in the shaded one better than all the others, but I think the figure looks more like Kurt Russell than Bill Murray. So enjoy the post and if you get a chance send me your version of Groundhog day.

That's not Bill Murray!

Some early attempts and is that Escape from Groundhog Day with Kurt Russell

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4 Responses to Don’t drive angry

  1. Lori says:

    Tee, hee. This is a fun post!

    Speaking of change, I think the act of marriage and parenthood challenges every part of your character and who you were before the commitment was made. Really, any responsibility, seriously embarked upon changes one in ways both seen and unseen. Sometimes, though, it is others around us that notice the change most keenly.

  2. adrienne says:

    I love that movie, too.

    • doodlehoose says:

      Bill Murray is entertaining and brings something new to each take even though he’s doing the same thing. I love it when he squeezes Ned close and asks him if he can take the day off.

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