A Trio of Superheroes

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman Steam Punk

Victorian Heroes

Here I am back at Superman. This week’s post was inspired by a graphic novel that I just took out of the library that teams up Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Trinity Graphic Novel Cover

The graphic novel that inspired my drawing

I started my warm ups with a couple of supermen and a batman.


A quick Superman marker rendering to warm up

Cartoon Superman

My second warm up with digital color

Batman pshing through smoke

Batman saving a box full of McGuffins

As a Christian I understand the word trinity in a totally different way. Trinity is a Christian explanation for the nature of God being three in one (Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father are all the same). The best way that I’ve heard the concept explained was by a comedian that said God was like pie. You have the topping, filling and crust which are each different in nature but all the same pie.

As for the featured drawing I haven’t decided if this is my definitive Victorian Batman and Wonder Woman, but I like it as a first pass. I figure Batman is a tech guy and so he would embrace the gear to keep up with the supers. I need to do some research for Wonder Woman because I don’t really have a great understanding of female Steam Punk yet. I figure the corset, cameo necklace and lace up boots would give it a period feel, but I haven’t finished exploring yet.

Enjoy the post and see you next week.

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  1. Lori says:

    Another great one, Hoose! I love the idea of the corset on Wonder Woman. Also, maybe ruffles of lace at the tops of her boots and a fan in her gloved hand, the perfectly super Victorian Woman . 😉

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