Render unto Markers

A stith life

Darth Monday

Last week I started playing with my markers and highlighters again. It has been fun and Friday I started a practice of doing a drawing in the morning before work. All the renderings this week were drawn first with a pen, then colored with markers and finally I used colored pencils to finish them off. I’ve been using pen to force myself away from the perfectionist habit of worrying too much about mistakes. With a pen you get used to the fact that mistakes will have to be dealt with instead of erased (like in life). Another sort of parable with this kind of drawing is that it can look pretty rough before it’s finished, but you have to keep in mind that what you do in the first stage will look very different at the end (like in life). That’s as profound as I get today, so on to the drawings.

I chose the Darth Tater for the still life above because Monday’s have a bit of the Sith Lord in them (probably the Emperor’s favorite day (or did he hate Monday’s too, “Oh back to the grind of evil making. I wish I were at my cottage kicking back, knitting evil mittens and watching the sun go supernova”)). The coffee is the hero of the drawing of course.

Boba Fett is obviously from last Friday because bounty hunters love Friday’s.


Thank God it's Boba Fett Friday

This last one is a copy of a drawing by J. Korim for the cover of a graphic novel called Neozoic. The graphic novel was all right writing wise, but it’s well worth picking up just for Korim’s art! My rendering follows the form of learning by copying from the masters. I could not get this drawing right when I was using pencil and I finally got it when I loosened up and started with a yellow marker. I give full credit to J. Korim for the awesome concept and I am thankful that we can learn from the work of others.

Sitting at the feet of Master Korim

My Renderition of Neozoic

The real Masters

The real Deal

I did quite a few more marker renderings this week, but I think I’ll toss them in a gallery some time soon.

Thanks for reading and now I feel the sunshine calling…

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7 Responses to Render unto Markers

  1. Meg says:

    evil mittens–good title for a memoir

  2. Michelle says:

    Just curious as to why bounty hunters love Fridays? I mean it’s obvious Vader would love Mondays as they are the sabbath of evil-doing…lol

  3. Matt says:

    Cool tater. My guess is that the Emperor has removed Monday from the Galactic calendar to make room for Maulsday.

  4. Lori says:

    These are really good. You should use pen more often. I like the contrast and perfectionism is overrated. Show the “process”, I say. It helps others build hope.

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