A Wonder Woman

She's a wonder Wonder Woman

If the Amazonians had sent her to Canada

This blog was born of my desire to become a better artist, and to be a part of an artistic community. I’ve already told you that the deadline for the blog was taken from, “some day I’ll make a blog”  to, “I need a blog now!” by Katie Cook’s simple question asking where I would like her to direct the folks that stop by the fan art that I made for her. In future blogs I will talk to you about Doug TenNapel and how he has inspired me to move forward with the my art and the internet ready or not. However, today’s blog is dedicated to an artist that has been inspiring, supporting and encouraging me for more than a decade- my wife.

You may have noticed that I’ve been avoiding backgrounds for the sake of time, but because I was dedicating this blog to my wife, I didn’t want to skimp.  After drawing and scanning the figure I started with a fresh sheet of paper and some forest reference. I spent thirty minutes drawing a tree and enjoying myself. Rolling into the next thirty minutes I began to lose interest in the forest and jumped to inking. This worked out well because it let me erase the pencils and make a cleaner scan. The coloring took several hours, but they were fun.

The ideal to draw Wonder Woman came from the new costume they’ve created for reboot of the TV show that starts in the fall. I thought it was a pretty cool interpretation of the classic, but I wanted to do my own. My wife is my Wonder Woman so I had my model. Based on the illustration, you may have already guessed that my wife was born north of our border in the land of Canada. This costume is my interpretation of what the Amazonians might have made if it wasn’t a U.S. pilot that crashed on their magical island. I’ve also included a suitable ride for her in the form of an invisible moose based on me (see if you can find him).

My wife and I will be married ten years this June, and  couldn’t be happier. She’s an awesome mom and my best friend. She is Wonder Woman!

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5 Responses to A Wonder Woman

  1. Lori says:

    That’s aboot AWESOME!!!! 😉

  2. Meredith says:

    I LOVE IT! …and your ten years together have proven that Wonder Woman and Superman make a great match 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    Totally forgot she was Canadian, eh?

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