A story idea…

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God Save The Queen!

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Cyborg update…

Here’s a character, again from 94, that I sorta remember. He was a Big Man villain. Big Man was a parody of the big, strong, hero character. But I don’t remember his guys story or name…

So here’s a new story… He’s a futuristic soldier in a war with the machines… until an explosion, that he caused, results in him needing a machine to live.

Ironically it’s the same machine that his explosion destroyed… making them reluctant life partners and a very odd couple.

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Big Hair, Big Shoulders

Another character from the 90’s that I don’t remember…

Here’s the 2023 version. I like the idea that her powers don’t match her chosen color scheme. It’s like The Deadly Bulb / Pig Leg from The Tick… forget about the green powers, focus on the red and gold outfit.

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Bearded Dude x Three

Here’s an old doodle of a character I don’t remember. It’s from January of 1999.

Here’s a doodle I did in 2008 and taped into the old sketchbook.

And here’s a third take on this unknown character from March of 2023… I gave him a mechanical hand… just because…

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A little doodle from Arrakis

Leto the 2 takes riding the worm to new levels

this was a quick scribble but I think it’s got potential

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Rock Light 94

Here are some more characters from 94. I can’t remember these two guys names, so I’ll call them Rock Light… they both answer to Rock Light… I just made that up, right now.

Attempt One
Attempt Two

Here’s two attempts and they’re each OK… not great, but OK. I like the gender flip on Light in the second one, the costume is a little too Captain Marvel… and Rock is a little too Clayface.

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Back in the day…

The best I can figure for this one is sometime in 1994. I was reading a lot of comics and it was the 90’s, so naturally these two are killer robots with Deadpool / Spawn style masks. Crusher is the BIG one and LowBlow is the one using his mental powers on the lady cop…

Attempt number one

Here are two attempts to freshen up these old characters. In the first I just sorta take a quick crack at it… but in the second I try to go a new direction. Making clear that these two are robots and lowering the stakes for the lady cop…

Here’s the dastardly duo in 2023… they’re much less menacing and far more clearly robots. The lady cop is now in a uniform that isn’t skin tight and isn’t stuck with a gun to her head. I also like the sorta Pinky and the Brain vibe… with Crusher smiling and LowBlow not.

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A blast from the past…

This is a doodle from an old sketchbook, originally drawn in November of 1998.

Here’s a fresh take on this old character. I did this digitally, which allowed me to make things extra sharp and brighten up the colors. I adjusted the pose, to make it less rigid, and changed the design and fit of the costume.

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Sasquatch in Space

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