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Name TAG! page 11- Epilogue

It’s good to be finishing the first ever TAG! adventure. I would say that I learned more about what I don’t know than what I do, but I am proud to have finished a story. I know that I have … Continue reading

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Yurit P10

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Name TAG! Page 7- For Whom the Bull Tolls

Here’s the latest page of the adventure and yet another technique for doing the lettering. I made the bubbles and words in Illustrator and then brought them over to Photoshop. Maybe by the time I’m done I’ll be confident enough … Continue reading

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Name TAG! Page 4- De Feet

All right I’ll admit it. I am out of buffer and up to date. This one would have been a lot more fun without such an impending deadline. Must start next weeks. Enjoy

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Name TAG! page 3- Geronimo

Here’s page three and it’s the first with a mixed media approach to lettering. I appreciated the feedback from last week’s page and I even tried to act on it. I hand lettered Buddy’s dialogue to give more of a … Continue reading

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This is Yurit, or at least Riot and UofR are Yurit. The Yurit are a race of aliens from outside our galaxy.  UofR and Riot are Yurit, Mortie and Muster are also aliens, but they’re not Yurit.  Wyatt and Daphne … Continue reading

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This is more of an idea at this point then it is a finished product, so please excuse me.  This is a Puddle or more accurately, this is a Puddle Device. The Puddle Device is used by UofR (and sometimes, … Continue reading

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