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The King with the Box

All hail Tyrion, the king with the box. That first Tyrion face is still my favorite… you can see that it took me three layouts before I decided I didn’t wanna have to draw The Iron Throne.

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Hello Mjölnir

Just barely made the Monday deadline. Enjoy. After midnight I was able to add the lightning.

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The 3 Eyed Lobster

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Agent Carter of Mars

So here’s the final form of the design. Now I have to format it for TeeFury and see if they will buy it.

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Agent Teaser

Okay this week’s illustration has been getting more and more detailed making it unlikely that I finish today. So I’m going to give you a part of the illustration as a teaser and post more when I finish.

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Don’t worry Ned…

I’ll only take a little off the top.

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She Hulk

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Bonus Post!

Doodlehoose Jr. is making his stop motion debut with, “The Fire is Out” The film is written, directed and photographed by Doodlehoose Jr. so look out here it comes

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Land Shark- I mean Left Shark

While I was trying to put together a She Hulk for this week Left Shark got in the way. Here’s a little stop motion test I did with my son- enjoy.

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