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I imagine the blue one is being broken up with by the floaty one, cause of the walrus like one. It’s a mess… the poor blue one is broken hearted.

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Almost Forgot it Was Monday

Sorry this is late. I forgot it was Monday. Stayed up too late watching the super bowl. Enjoy this color burned Bride.

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Creepy Crawly

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Messy Molly Millions

If you’re a fan of cyberpunk (and if you aren’t why not?!) then you will know who Molly Millions is. She’s a femme fatale of William Gibson’s sprawl trilogy. Introduced in Johnny Mnemonic as simply Molly she has many names … Continue reading

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A Little Blurry…

… these Monsters are.

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Christmas is for Art

I love that my family gets me things that tie into art for Christmas. Here’s a pic of an Elastigirl sculpture I got from my brother.

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More of the Monsters

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More Christmas Adventures

Quite enjoying the Manga pen set. These two are from The Art of Frozen. Not my best drawings, but they were fun to do.

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Even More Monsters


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The Justice Read

Our school sent some books to Texas when the hurricane wiped out their school libraries. We made some book marks to send with the books to add a personal touch. These were the ones I made.

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