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And even more Wonder

Okay I wasn’t going to do another Wonder Woman this week, but I found this art from a game called Hans Hans the biking viking and thought the style was fun. As soon as I decided to do the Hans … Continue reading

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More Tyrion

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She’s a wonder Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a fun movie and it made me want to draw. So here’ s our latest edition of the champion of the Amazons and protector of guys. She’s a wonder Wonder Woman.

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Spoiler Alert!

They call me, Two Thumbs Tyrion. (I think we should make a T-shirt out of one of these designs)

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Flower Child

Hawkins Indiana has a special kind of Flower Child

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Fantastic Fight

Though it’ll probably be a short fight… cause Ben’s not in his Thing form.

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I’ve never looked it up (because then I could be wrong), but I’ve always thought that the boot in Wall-E was a nod to Vincent Van Gogh. I love the way that he lavished attention on a tool that we … Continue reading

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We are Groot

I hope this latest theme is growing on you.

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