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A Little Classic Costume

More of our favorite wall-crawler.

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Things are changing…

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Just Your Friendly Neighborhood…


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Zapp Caption Contest!

Here it is… the Mashup Caption Contest you’ve all been waiting for… Zapp Brannigan sits The Iron Throne and what is it that he has to say???

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Everything Old is New Again

I’ve been revising some of the old T designs that I did for Threadless so that I can submit them to different online T manufacturers (diversify). So here’s two versions of my Hulk Tobias buddy picture- the old and the … Continue reading

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The King with the Box

All hail Tyrion, the king with the box. That first Tyrion face is still my favorite… you can see that it took me three layouts before I decided I didn’t wanna have to draw The Iron Throne.

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