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Duck Man

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I love a minimalist poster. I thought I had seen this one, but since I couldn’t find it I decided to make it myself. I think I found the one that inspired this one. I still think I’ve seen one … Continue reading

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He’s a Feel Better Beast

THis guy is on the job, doing his sparkly best to make Hoose Jr. feel better. Cause word is he’s not 100%.  

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Perfect Von Stomm

You’re just askin for a wedgie!   Good luck, I’m wearing a onesie. With Disney owning Marvel you had to know this would happen eventually. I drew the Punisher (thrice actually) and Buford, but I totally stole the background (hey it … Continue reading

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Aren’t you a little short…

… in general? Too Late

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Daredoodle Collaboration

Today’s post is a collaboration between doodlehoose 1 and doodlehoose too and doodlehoose jr. jr. The drawing is by Doodlehoose Too, the color by Doodlehoose 1 and the hand scanned courtesy of Doodlehoose Jr. Jr.

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Cap & Falcon find Bucky

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More Daredoodles- Foggy Get’s His Day

Challenged my brother to draw Foggy and he made these two contributions to the Daredoodle pile. I think the second one is from the Daredevil Survivor Crossover.

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Daredoodles Season 2

Binge watched the second season of Daredevil with my brother last weekend and we had a lot of fun doodling. I plan to share these Daredoodles with you over the next few posts, but started with these three cuz they’re … Continue reading

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Random Work Doodles

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