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Emily Dickinson…

… and her albino boa constrictor Sherman.

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Doug TenNapel…

… and the reason for the season.

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A Different Kind of Star Wars

2000 years ago in a town not that far away a savior was born to put down a rebellion and save us all.

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Michael Crichton…

…and the dinosaur he rode in on.

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Suzanne Collins

Many people know that Suzanne Collins came up with the idea for the hunger games while watching tv, but few know that she came up with the name when she missed taco Tuesday.

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Bill Watterson…

… and the brain he’s about to eat.

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JK Rowling

Many know the famous author J.K. Rowling for her creation of Harry Potter and his world of magic. However, few know that it was as a teenager at Hogwarts that J.K. found the recipe for Harry Potter scribbled in the … Continue reading

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Harper Lee…

… and the wolf she turns into every fortnight.

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