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He’s part boy, he’s part chair, he’s FitzCHAIRald.

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Aliens Taste Way for Ducklings

So last week J promised Aliens and here they are. This was a craft that we made during the February break. J says this a cautionary artwork that tells you to, “Watch out for aliens that might be at your … Continue reading

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What do You See?

This week is completely random. Well at least it started that way. I had a class that was already a day ahead of all the other classes on the day before a week long break. Only three students showed up … Continue reading

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You’re a what?

I gotta put this on a T for A.

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Legos are gonna explode (because he has a bomb)

Here’s Doodlehoose Jr.’s second post and it’s getting wild. He’s got the sun blazing and the marker that was supposed to make this guy’s clothes orange actually ended up making him look naked. J says the caption for this picture … Continue reading

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Trying Something New, Nothing Borrowed, but Some Things Blue

I was very excited last week when my six year old said that he wanted to start posting on Doodlehoose as well. This site started out as a way for me to share my art with the world and make … Continue reading

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Bats in his belfry

He is the hero Gotham deserves.

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The Werewolf Has Arisen

This Wednesday introduces the amazingly talented Doodlehoose Jr. (J). Doodlehoose Jr. is six years old and looking forward to sharing his art with you. Come back on Wednesdays and check it out. He may not be able to get something … Continue reading

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A Bunny and a Guy in a Moth Suit

Here it is another installment of the cast of Doodlehoose meets the cast of The Tick!

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More Pugs because… PUGS!

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