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TIME to meet

Inspector, Doctor… Doctor, Inspector… you two have a lot in common.

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I had this drawing banked from a really prolifici week and I felt it was appropriate after the wonderful, but veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery busy holiday. It’s also appropriate for the new year coming. January second should bring you the first installment of … Continue reading

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Christmas is one of the most important of Christian holidays. It is the story of a God that cared so much for us that he became vulnerable to us. He took on the mantle of human flesh and gave us … Continue reading

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This is Yurit, or at least Riot and UofR are Yurit. The Yurit are a race of aliens from outside our galaxy.  UofR and Riot are Yurit, Mortie and Muster are also aliens, but they’re not Yurit.  Wyatt and Daphne … Continue reading

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Here are the agents of TAG! (Top Agents Go!). Taken from the best of the best of the best (and Buddy) they are the planet Earth’s (or at least America’s) most potent guards. My brother and I have been assembling … Continue reading

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This is more of an idea at this point then it is a finished product, so please excuse me.  This is a Puddle or more accurately, this is a Puddle Device. The Puddle Device is used by UofR (and sometimes, … Continue reading

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Another little diversion

You may have noticed that the illustration above is not another agent or alien. You may have also noticed that many of the Hoose and Hoose Too posts have had a certain similiarity of late. I assure that this is … Continue reading

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This is Daphne. Daphne is Wyatt’s daughter, but she only stays with him every other weekend and two weeks each summer.  She’s a teen and she’s not all that talkative, but she loves her smart phone. She’s never actually looked … Continue reading

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