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Hey Buddy

This week’s doodle brings agent Buddy. With the ability to duplicate at will (unfortunately he can’t duplicate clothes so he always has to carry some with him if he plans to “Bud” (I suppose they are in the Segway)) and … Continue reading

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Muster & Mortie

Muster Stache is an alien who used to work as a valet for UofR and Riot. He’s is incredibly smart, unquestionably tasteful, and absolutely confident in his own abilities. Although he looks a bit like an Earth otter, he is … Continue reading

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This week’s doodle is agent Klink. She is affectionately named for the sound that her robot cart makes and maybe just a little for her ridiculous German accent- I mean efficiency (don’t want to offend any Germans we Hoose have … Continue reading

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Cajun Style

With Hoose too coming back from the deep South this week, I thought that I would do his post Cajun style.

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Buff and tan

This Monday’s doodle is Agent Buff. He’s a master of disguise and the team’s key to many a closed door. He’s big, strong and smart, but he also has a little bit of a narcissist and not someone you would … Continue reading

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He’s not an Earp…

This is Wyatt. Wyatt is a used car salesman, the primary human contact for UofR and Riot, an unofficial ambassador for Earth, and the alien duos unauthorized Public Relations Manager. He’s slick, he’s smart, and he’s manipulative, but ends up … Continue reading

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This is agent Velvet. She’s can do anything that James Bond can do, but in heals. I think of her as May West meets Urtha Kit and all that that entails. She’s the member of the team that gets into … Continue reading

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A little diversion with 18 and 2 half spots

Fear not. There are more agents and aliens coming, but this Monday brings a diversion. I went on a short retreat yesterday to the beautiful fields of Canandaigua. The first thing on the agenda was a gift of 40 minutes. Go … Continue reading

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Quiet Riot

Hoose 2 posting on behalf of Hoose 1, cause Hoose 2 broke Hoose 1’s computer. This is Riot… Riot is one of UofR’s subordinates, actually he’s UofR’s only subordinate.  He’s strong, he’s smart, and he’s self controlled, which means he’s … Continue reading

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